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Greek Favorites

My husband and I were fortunate to be able to visit our daughter and her family when they lived in Crete. One of the highlights of our travels has always been enjoying the local cuisine and we found the Greek food was fabulous! One of the reasons that it is so good, of course, is the quality of the ingredients. Fruits and vegetables are locally raised on small farms. The pork, lamb, and chicken are free range animals frequently pastured in the olive groves to keep the grass and weeds down.

Farmers Market Crete 300x168 Greek Favorites

The Greeks love babies!

Farmers Market Crete 2 300x168 Greek Favorites

Buying cheese at the Farmers’ Market

Farmers Market 3 168x300 Greek Favorites

I like to try to reproduce some of the foods that I’ve enjoyed while traveling. Last night I made horiatiki (the Greek village salad), chicken souvlaki, and tzatziki. The meal was completed with pita bread warmed in the oven. The bread wasn’t home made but maybe next time we enjoy Greek food I’ll attempt to make the bread, too.

Horiatiki                            Chicken Souvlaki                                  Tzatziki

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